Since its foundation in 1985, Illaexport S.A., has remained true to its work philosophy, with the objective of providing maximum satisfaction and personalized customer service.
With this in mind, our company offers a proven quality service, aiming for agility and responsiveness, information capacity and guidance, along with an excellent quality / price

Illaexport has grown over the course of more than 30 years, in which it has evolved from a family business, specialized in customs agency in the coastal Poblenou district, to offering today a comprehensive logistics service, covering the entire Spanish territory by means of our own organization that ensures rapid transport of goods from the center of Barcelona to any destination, with a network of national agents and international correspondents to provide sound coverage in major countries of the world, focusing on our line to Tunisia on round trip service.

We are certified since 1998 with ISO 9001 standards and the recognition of qualifications in the sector, Agents IATA in 2006, AEO (authorized economic operator) Certification in 2010. Finally in 2011 we were granted the Efficiency Network Standard, quality mark granted by the Port of Barcelona to those companies committed to providing better service to the goods passing through the Port of Barcelona, thereby benefiting importers and exporters.

Our headquarters in Barcelona’s Zona Franca Aduanera (Customs Free Zone) benefit from more than 4,000 m2 of warehouse space. We are located in a strategic location due to having our own customs on premises, and to our proximity to two of the major facilities of the city of Barcelona, such as the harbor and the airport, where we also have our own offices. We therefore can meet the needs of our customers by any means of transport.