ILLAEXPORT’s clients have always acknowledged the work and personal effort of each one of the people who make up the company’s team.

Our level of service, above market standards, constantly adapts to the growing requirements and demands of our stakeholders, engaging those elements that we consider necessary so that each client is more than satisfied when he/she entrusts his/her transports or storage to us.

Based on the analysis of the organization’s context and the strategic objectives, the Management establishes annual objectives that are periodically reviewed to ensure compliance.

ILLAEXPORT, S.A. must comply at all times with the applicable legislation.

We must involve our suppliers in complying with all our legal requirements in all areas, such as occupational safety, health, protection and quality.

The adaptation of new control systems through risk management and the commitment to QUALITY, together with the use of high-tech IT tools should enable ILLAEXPORT, S.A. to place itself in an advantageous position, which will allow it to strengthen its relationship with its clients and reach high loyalty levels.

Incident prevention helps us create a foundation that will allow us to reach the path of continuous improvement in the long term.

Likewise, the commitment to guarantee high levels of security throughout the logistics chain will allow us to ensure the integrity of the goods and the information associated with the shipments.

Quality is the result of a joint effort of all the company’s departments: air, traffic, warehouses, customs, administration and Management, establishing, from this moment on, a commitment to improve existing interrelations, which allows us to offer a top-class service.

This will benefit all our customers, and therefore ILLAEXPORT, S.A., and each of its departments.

In the current scenario of great and vertiginous changes and growing competitiveness, ILLAEXPORT, S.A. has established as its main milestone, to be able to offer a professional service that meets the needs and expectations of all interested parties. Therefor, the staff’s training and the commitment to the constant management programs’ updating are factors considered key to ensure our future success.